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Office-peopleHere at Fiddy Design we have got you covered for everything and anything!!

We want to give you back the power and not be restricted by your web design service. Don’t feel that once your site is built you are unable to make changes quickly and easy.  If you have a new product you are eager to show the world, well you don’t have to wait until your web team are available and be charged even more.  Think of us as your mini Web Team for you business.  We are with you every step of the way!!!

Help and Support made easy


  • Simple Backend editing

    easy-backendThe website looks great but what about the back end editing?

    At Fiddy we can give you an easy and simple interface to be able to load your new pages and posts, images and so much more.  If you know Word and Excel then this is easy!

    But it doesnt stop there. We can also give you the standard fully featured backend of WordPress too!  So you can switch it on or off dependent on your skill set and can have it visible for some of your team instead!

  • Video Tutorials

    integrated-video-tutorialsDon’t know your meta from your meat? Or your PHP from your HP?

    Don’t worry we have you covered. With simple and easy Videos detailing the hows and wheres which you can play directly from your site. We want to give you back the power to manage your site if you wish and develop your skills on these world class platforms.  You never know we may one day ask you for help! 🙂

    These are located by each component of the backend to ensure that you can easily learn the basics and carry on.  All part of the Fiddy Service!

  • Support

    support-systemSo you are still needing assistance?

    Don’t worry, not only do we  have backups of your site (subject to routine) in case we need to restore your site, we also can provide in-depth administrative support to help tackle those what seem to be impossible challenges. Whether it is a page structure gone wrong or a naughty plugin that has been installed that just wont work with your main website.

    We are also offering Q&A services to customers who come on board and monthly webinars to talk about new and exciting features plus getting the most out of WordPress!

    We try to provide you with the right support and help where needed and we are passionate about customer service to the point of obsession!! That’s a good thing right?


 Your are more than just a website!


  • Communicate with your clients

    newslettersSo you have clients and potential clients signing up to your site and updates? 

    At Fiddy we can give you a simple tool to be able to now generate newsletters to your database without you having to spend out even more money on mail subscription and email services.  You have the options to design your own look and feel to your newsletter and then simply add the content from your website with ease, we supply some templates to get you started!

    Don’t just think your website will do everything for you! In order to build a successful web business, it is what you do that builds that bridge between your client and your business!

    If you are struggling with building that perfect newsletter template, don’t worry we have you covered again.  For a small charge our team can design and build you that perfect template for you to use.

    Just contact us and we can take it from there!

  • SEO


    Search Engine Optimization? Right that’s a mind field!

    So firstly, take a deep breath, we will get through this together 🙂  We recommend that you IGNORE those emails you receive from so called ‘SEO Experts’ they will do nothing for you! Your site is already Google Happy!

    We will set you up with the Google, Bing etc accounts and sitemaps so they can find you day 1. We target your keywords in the design and build and give you access to see how you are doing.

    That’s not all, we can help you with extras and resources to ensure you are ranking well. *

    If you have an immediate campaign in mind to improve your SEO and beat your competitors we have you covered. Starting at just £150 per month we can take you to the next level (or up the ranks as it were).

    * – Subject to service package you purchase.

  • Web Statistics

    reportsWow! How popular are you?

    Well done, people like what you are saying and doing!  But how much do they and when do you get more visitors and traffic?  We provide you will online reporting and performance of your site in a simple format for you in order to make you smile and feel good about yourself!

    With the information you have, you are now able to focus on popular times to send out newsletters and when to promote a new product or service. If you need help on what to do with the information, just let us know and we can help you.