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Here at Fiddy Design, we have a passion in business start ups and small to medium businesses who are needing to improve their online presence.  We do not believe in making big profits and delivering small.
We believe in making YOU big profits and delivering to YOU the best you can have.
There are so many companies out there who offer web design and hosting services at huge markup, taking advantage of the small business owner who doesn’t understand or know how to navigate through the technical jargon.  We do not!



Design and Build

Get your website built by professionals right from the word go!

Your website design is your chance to tell the world who you are, establish a great reputation and show off what you do best. Above all, it’s your chance to sell your products or services… but a cost effective web design service that achieves all of that can be hard to find.

Website design takes creative flair and an eye for detail, a hard-working approach and a listening ear. We have years of experience of working with clients, large and small, and we know that our websites achieve results.

Professional web design is what turns good ideas into great looking websites. Business web design is not simply about colour schemes and images; it’s about getting under the skin of what really drives your business and helping you grow faster than ever before.


Original designs

Some web designers think templates are good enough. We don’t. Every client deserves a unique website with bespoke web design and that’s what we deliver. Creating satisfied customers time and again.  We use industry standard technologies to allow growth, sustainability and the most up to date websites.  We currently use WordPress, PHP and Apache for our Content Management Systems, websites and hosting.


Marketing AND Promotion

Market your business or service online. We’ll help you succeed!

Getting your business website noticed is a critical part of any online strategy. We’ve helped our clients improve their search engine rankings, placing products like yours in front of as many potential new customers as possible to help business grow. We can help you grow your SEO Network by promoting your website with our own to help drive further onto people’s browsers.

We’ll cut through the jargon and explain what it takes to be seen. We’ll use keywords and phrases to improve your page rank value and use site code to optimise everything. Our on and off site internet marketing will help spread your message and we’ll monitor everything to track results.


Support & Assistance

Helping with your website after it is complete. We are with you every step of the way

Your customers want the latest information at their fingertips.
They depend on you to be correct. Every time. So website maintenance is not just important, it’s essential.

Adding new features and content to your site regularly helps more people notice your site and it keeps your existing customers coming back for more, but we know it can be hard to find the time to keep things ticking over yourself


Our website support package take the hard work out of maintaining your website. We’ll work alongside you to handle technical requests, run upgrades or backup your data. In fact, our customer support will feel like an extra member of staff capable of supporting your web needs.  Check out our packages here

We offer

  • Backup and restores
  • Content recovery
  • AntiVirus and Hacking prevention
  • General Support and guidance



We think we can pass on our knowledge and experience to others and our passion is to empower others (whether yourself or another member of your company) to add, move, edit and change content on your site without the need for expensive web changes ålike some Web Design companies offer.

We offer

  • 1-2-1 training
  • Online Webinars
  • Documentation and WYSIWYG Guides to the main features


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